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Hey guys! Liam is doing a follow spree when he hits 2,000 followers, and as of now he needs 70 more people to follow him. So go follow him!!! And if you already do... Stay exactly where you are because you are per-fect. ;) Much love <3

Louis,"O.O We tell Niall nothing." Zayn,"Tell? Does that count as posting it on Twitter?" Louis,"You didn't...." Zayn,"Oops..." *Louis' phone rings, answers it* Louis,"Hello?" Niall,"One word. Karma." Louis,"Would that be Niall induced Karma?" Niall,"Why are we talking about giving birth here? Is this another joke about me growing up? Not cool." Louis,"Oh my... just... No!"

So I was thinking I haven't done a follow spree yet. When I get to 500 followers I'll do a HUGE one! Help me get there! :) xo

THANK YOU i just hit 100 followers and it might not seem that much to some of you but it loads to mean thank you everyonee!!:D im doing a follow spree so comment below to be followed