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Fondant Letters

Interesting and informative cake decorating techniques

Four different ways to make fondant letters. (Some things I never would have thought of!)

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Cake Boss Letter Impression Set Image Sweet messages from the heart — easily personalize fondant or buttercream covered cakes and cupcakes with names, initials, anniversary or birthday messages and dates with this letter and alphabet stamp set. Simply select the letters and numbers you need, arrange them in the tool, press, and trace the embossed phrase with your favorite frosting. You’ll have a DIY personalized cake in no time! Visit your local Michaels store or to inspire your inner Cake Boss.

Tortentantes Tortenwelt - DER Tortenblog mit Anleitungen und Tipps für Motivtorten: Buchstaben und Zahlen Beine machen...

MAKING 3D FONDANT LETTERS painting-fondant

Adorable woodland fondant cake toppers

Making fancy lettering text for cake decorating How To Tutorial - YouTube

how to do striped, swirled and checked letters

Fondant Letters: The Last Word on Letter Cutters - it was such a 'palm to forehead' moment when I read how Lesley takes the plunger part off of the Clikstix cutters. I love the Groovy letters and it didn't even dawn on me to do this. Duh!

Cricut Cake, it's a cool little machine that cuts designs, patterns, scallops, borders, letters into gum paste or fondant so that they can easily be applied to cakes, cupcakes or cookies. Must-try-this!!

Stamp with lettering on fondant--I just made these hearts. Fun to do + turned out cute.

A basketball cake for Juliette 14 years old. She plays basketball and she loves it. This is a marble cake with chocolate ganache filling all covered with fondant. The decorations, letters, numbers, basket... are also fondant. I used tulle fabric to embossed the ball so it looks like leather.

  • Shirley Wilson

    So cute. Another thing that works well for embossing sports ball cakes is a new scrubbing pad, the yellow and green kind (Toughie brand?) . I used the green side and it worked great.

Trend Alert: Fondant Letter Toppers

How to make Double letters on your cake - CakesDecor

  • Charlene Persiano

    i love those cookie cutters is i possible to send me link from where they were bought pls?

Fondant Sugar Glue - gluing toppers together/ gluing fondant letters onto a cake

fondant letter cutters how-to


Adorable woodland fondant cake toppers

this is THE best way to release letters from tappit cutters!, no more slamming, whacking, tapping, picking ... or swearing! - I use fondant well 'thickened' with cmc - so its almost leathery and takes some effort to roll out!! - you will see I have no cornstarch or powdered sugar on the board. Position the letters on your cake and then apply them with a little clear alcohol painted on the reverse of each letter, any stray drops on the cake will evaporate and leave you with a clean finish!

Fondant tip- place polka dots on fondant before cutting out the letters to make for a more realistic and repeating polka dotting pattern

fondant letter cutters | Brush the backside of the letters with clear alcohol before ...

lego-head-cake-tutorial-logo-drying by, via Flickr

Easy fondant lettering for cakes