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Fonts doesn't

Who doesn\'t appreciate free stuff? I know I do when it\'s something of value. The designers of all the fonts used were kind enough to give away their fo


Pairings of Fonts. It's so weird how a good pair of fonts doesn't stand out nearly as much as a bad pair.


A Fresh Start: Making a New Space Feel Like Home

You are so worthless, I keep asking myself why I even bother with you. Then I realize, its because you irritate the shit out of me with your act virgin antics & victimised face. Fake to the max. A whore will always be a whore, nothing can change that.


I THOUGHT I'D BE ABLE TO USE A THUMBNAIL TO HIDE SPOILER-RELATED STUFF BUT I GUESS DEVIANTART DOESN'T ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT, BOO anyway the murder run makes you do so many horrible, horrible things ...


Comparison isn’t just the thief of JOY, it’s the thief of EVERYTHING. If you are comparing your business, work, kids, marriage, finances, spiritual maturity, smarts, ___[insert whatever it is for you]___ to any other human being on this earth, you will continue to chase your tail and you will MISS YOUR LIFE.


DIY Tulle Troll Headbands

These darling troll headbands were made by Michele Leigh Barney! You could make them for party favors, playing dress-up, etc! They actually stand up too! Directions: Cut approximately 20 pieces of tulle (3 in or 6 in doesn’t matter) Cut 12 inch pieces and fold them in half. Loop them around the hard headband and pull …


It doesn’t take much to create beautiful monograms with the Cricut Explore, but you will probably need a little direction. So I’m here for you. Let’s do this: First you’ll need to design your monogram – and if you’d like to customize your monogram, you’ll need to design it in a program such as Adobe Illustrator. …