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5 super easy fermented food DIY recipes!

The Benefits of Fermented Foods and 5 DIY Recipes

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Top 10 Fermented Food Recipes of 2015

My Top 10 Fermented Food Recipes of 2015. These recipes were visited the most, shared the most and had the most comments and interest on the blog.

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Simple Kim Chi for Beginners

Kim Chi, a traditional fermented food from Korea made from cabbage, garlic, chilli and other vegetables is a nourishing food, full of probiotic goodness. It is rich in vitamins and as the vegetables are fermented and pre-digested by the lacto-bacilli naturally present in the vegetables, it enables our bodies to absorb more of the nutrients than eating it raw. Making your own is easy and this version is great for beginners with a milder flavour.

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Fermented Dilly Carrots

Fermented Carrots with Dill | Fermenting foods is an ancient method of preservation and also provides a host of nutritional benefits. Boost your immune system and gut health with this Simple recipe |

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Fermented Hummus

Fermented Garlic Hummus! You can make this amazing raw, and probiotic filled hummus using fermented garlic cloves! ~Cultured Food Life

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