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Food Stamp Calculator

Although this food spending calculator is pretty cool, what I'm really interested in is in the company that's gathering and analyzing this info:

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How to Calculate Your Food Storage Needs

This blog tells you how long foods really last after the printed "sell by" date. It also gives tips on how to make foods last longer and gives substitutions.

Due to a quirk in the way most states calculate eligibility for food stamps, some families with illegal immigrants get favorable treatment over families with only American citizens, according to a report released Monday. Under federal law, eligibility for food stamps depends on family size and income. States administer the program, however, and have flexibility in determining how to count income. “The administration in most states — including most states with Republican governors — are wrong…

Hey...don't worry about anything...The Food Stamp President has you covered! Since taking office Obama has added an additional 12 million people to the Food Stamp program, an increase of 38% to push it to a record total of 44 million! (Amazing, the number of people on food stamps keeps going up, but when he calculates his unemployment numbers there are less people to work!!!) The Obama foodstamp card, its everywhere you thought we would never be!

Strategic Plan to improve ILLINOIS mental health system