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Iron that comes from animal products is not good for humans because it gets stored by the body as ''iron reserves," but the human body cannot use that kind of iron properly, and it has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and other health problems (especially heme iron that's found in red meat).

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Iron is an essential nutrient, a mineral that has several important roles in the body. It is important to add more iron to our diet, especially during pregnancy. #iron #iron_rich_food #iron_rich_recipes

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Dublin Coddle: Dublin Coddle is a traditional Irish potato, sausage, and bacon stew that slow cooks away in the oven. It’s great for St. Patrick’s Day or any day you need some comfort food!

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Did you know?. Iron deficiency can lead to growth deficiencies and other behavioural issues in babies and kids. Here are : 31 Iron Rich Foods for your Babies, Toddlers and Kids

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Hand out happy this morning by whipping up these simple sweet potato waffles. Begin by spiralizing one sweet potato and cooking on a stovetop for eight minutes, or until softened. Next, mix together one apple that has been shredded with one egg. Combine all ingredients and place in a waffle iron. Top this unbe-leaf-ably festive breakfast with a spread of Nutella® and serve!

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| 1 CARB PROTEIN WAFFLES | Ingredients: 1 scoop PEScience Snickerdoodle Select Protein, 1 whole egg, water until batter consistency, dash baking powder, cinnamon (optional). Method: mix dry ingredients with water until it forms a thin paste, then whisk in the egg. Cook in a waffle iron on medium-high for 30-60 seconds. Top and enjoy!

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A Homemade and Classic Buttermilk Waffles Recipe that will put all others to shame. This recipe has a beautiful crunchy golden brown exterior and beautiful tender and flavorful texture inside. Breakfast will never be the same.

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You probably know that hemoglobin has something to do with iron, red blood cells, and anemia, and is important for your body to function. But, did you know that boosting your hemoglobin levels entails more than merely increasing your iron intake? Here are 8 foods that boost your hemoglobin levels. Have a look! #HealthyFood

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Special thanks to Maria Fine, who both introduced me to pizzelles and made them for this shoot. The older I get the less enamored I am with things. Different shades of lip gloss and plates for special occasions and specialized kitchen gadgets all look the same to me; they are bits of clutter overtaking my house and therefore too, they are my hard earned money on the fast track from my bank account to the Goodwill. And at first glance, a pizzelle iron seems to fall under that…

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