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It's time to de-puff that pooch! Bloating is fluid building up between cells in the body, and can be caused by poor digestion, too much sodium, or your period. But if you pay attention to what you're eating, you can usually avoid it. To stay in bikini-ready shape all year long, try these bloat-busting items.

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6 Foods That Get Rid Of Bloating (& 5 Foods That Cause It!)

6 Foods That Get Rid of Bloating (& 5 Foods That Cause It!) |

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10 Foods That Cause Bloating (& What to Eat Instead)

10 Foods That Cause Bloating and What to Eat Instead

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10 Foods That Cause Bloating (& What to Eat Instead)

Ever wake up with a flat stomach in the morning, only to bloat out like a hot air balloon right after you eat breakfast—without understanding why? If you’re suffering through each day feeling sluggish, tired, cramped and heavy, you may be interested to know that certain foods can cause bloating. For the full article, visit us here:

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12 Things to eat for a flatter stomach

BEST FOODS FOR A FLAT STOMACH: Say goodbye to bloat by eliminating these foods and choosing these healthier options instead. Click through for a list of foods that cause bloating, constipation, fluid retention, gas, and other stomach problems. Plus, you'll find the best alternatives that will still satisfy cravings! Find more healthy eating ideas here and at


WHAT TO EAT TO BEAT BLOATING 1) peanut butter. 2) asparagus. 3) dandelions. 4) coconut water. 5) pineapple. 6) yogurt. 7) peppermint tea. 8) avocado 9) fennel seeds. 10) grapes.

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How To Relieve Stomach Gas – Oops – No More

Common foods that cause bloating and gas


50 Ways To Beat Bloat Every Single Day

How To Get Rid Of Bloat - Foods That Cause Bloat - For days when you struggle with your skinny jeans, try one or more of these tricks that will have you feeling better in no time.

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The Cause of Dark Under Eye Circles

The Cause of Dark Under Eye Circles. These under eye circles are your body telling you that your immune system is overactive. When your intestinal flora is not fully populated with good, healthy bacteria it leaves room for the mucus membrane on the gut wall to become compromised. Dark under eye circles are just one allergic symptom