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Football fans

Camp Nou (Spain). 'For the sports-minded, little can compete with the spectacle of a match at FC Barcelona’s massive football stadium. With a loyal fan base and an incredibly gifted team led by the likes of Lionel Messi, Camp Nou always hosts a good show – even if you can’t make it to a game, it’s still worth visiting. The "Camp Nou Experience" is an interactive museum and stadium tour.'

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Lol... yet they ALL want! At least for a lil' bit!

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NFC North Champs - 2016 Yeah Baby Go Pack Go!

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1/15/17: The look you have after winning the last 8 games, when everyone thought you were out of the playoffs, but you're now a game away from the super bowl!!! GO PACK GO!!!

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Alabama Crimson Tide Jalen Hurts

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Dak Prescott And Zeke Elliott

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The big guy and I are both football fans with one big difference......he prefers college games.....I prefer the NFL......and "pla...

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Alabama Crimson Tide

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