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This site is great for any Carolinians or anyone that will be or is looking to travel to NC in the future for vacation. This site breaks down NC in regions and by vacation home rentals. So if you know where you would like to visit in NC, but you don't know exactly where you will be staying than maybe this site can help you find a place to rent for upcoming vacation!

How To Sell Your House as a For Sale By Owner:

How To Sell Your House as a For Sale By Owner:


For sale by owner contracts | | This contains a possibly useful clause to protect you from any "blunders" in your written contracts.


Documents Needed to Sell Your Own Home Without an Agent

If you decide to sell your house without a real estate agent, don't worry much about messing up. You'll need a title company -- and in some states a lawyer -- to process the final documents, so you have a built-in safety net. The paperwork you'll need to deliver to the title company depends on where you live and what wrinkles get tossed into your sale, but certain documents are necessary for a sale-by-owner in every state. Check with a title company to see specific documents for your state.