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The Iodine Deficiency Epidemic — How to Reverse It for Your Health
from Dr. Axe

The Iodine Deficiency Epidemic — How to Reverse It for Your Health

Food Sources High in Iodine Based upon micrograms per serving and daily value (DV) of iodine: Seaweed — Whole or 1 sheet: 16 to 2,984 micrograms (11% to 1,989%) Baked Cod — 3 ounces: 99 micrograms (66%) Cranberries — 1 ounce: 90 micrograms (60%) Plain Low-Fat Yogurt — 1 cup: 75 micrograms (50%) Baked Potato — 1 medium: 60 micrograms (40%) Raw Milk — 1 cup: 56 micrograms (37%) Shrimp — 3 ounces: 35 micrograms (23%) Navy Beans — ½ cup: 32 micrograms (21%) Egg — 1 large egg: 24 micrograms (16%)

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How to Detox Naturally for Better Health & Skin - The Best Detoxing Foods

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The Birth of Holistic Remedies For Mental Health and Wellbeing

Holistic approaches to mental health and well-being have boomed. Learn about how holistic approaches could benefit you and your wellbeing!

from The Truth About Cancer

Zinc Deficiency & Cancer Growth: What's Your Risk?

Zinc deficiencies are believed to contribute to 400 thousand deaths annually. Here are the symptoms, how to determine your risk, and what to do about a zinc deficiency. Click on the image to read on or repin to save for later... - The Truth About Cancer

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Healthy Habits: 5 Surprising Easy Ways to Stay on Track

Get more sleep. Yes. Eat better. Of course. Get regular exercise. Well, duh. We already know all the things we need to do to be healthier (whether we do them or not). The question mark is more the issue of how, and finding ways to reinvent ways to stay motivated can often be the biggest challenge. So, I've gathered together five "how"s that have made things easier for me to stay on track with my wellness lately.

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7 Workouts for When You're Feeling Lazy

These 7 Lazy girl exercises are THE BEST! I've tried a few and I've ALREADY lost weight! This is such an GREAT post! I'm so glad I found this! SO pinning for later!


Incorporating these foods into your meals on a regular basis can be helpful when…

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Home Remedies for Swollen Feet