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Air Pressure Experiment for Kids

Explaining the concept of air pressure to preschoolers can be tricky. It can sometimes be difficult for them to grasp the idea that spaces are filled with air, and that air can have force and move objects. This simple little experiment a great way to offer kids a visual demonstration of these concepts. They can...Read More »


Do You Know Any of These Pressure Points| Self Defense Tips- The best self defense moves are smart and don't need brute force for them to be effective. Here if you know a few pressure points you can down an opponent that is twice as big as you are.

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Nursing Mnemonics: Anti-hypertensive Drugs

Beta Blockers Beta blockers help the heart beat with less speed and force. The heart pumps less blood through the blood vessels with each beat, and blood pressure decreases. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACEI) ACE inhibitors keep the body from making a hormone called angiotensin II, which causes blood vessels to narrow. These medications decrease …

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How Newton's Laws of Motion Work

Lesson Plan: Understanding Force and Motion - As a result of this activity, students will understand the relationship between the strength of a force and the effect on an object.


dogwood strength, reliability, rebirth dahlia royalty, grace under pressure, kindness despite hardship JUST TAKE THESE TWO I CAN’T LOOK AT IT ANYMORE AFTER THAT SDCC PANEL AND THE SEASON 2 TRAILER

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Pressure Canning Bacon

line the bacon up on parchment paper and then fold over Roll it up like a sleeping bag, tucking as you go. Put it in the larger wide mouth jar…you may have to force it in. It will be a tight fit All snug in the pressure canner This is what you get That... #canning #canningbacon #foodstorage


I keep hearing people talk about supporting our troops, "support the troops!" Only 9% of Americans showed up to vote in the primaries. Here's an idea, how about showing up for what our troops have fought and died for, our right to vote. We're no longer a democracy because we dropped the ball and failed to show up but we can fix that by voting for the only candidate who isn't beating the war drums, Jill Stein.

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FUN Science Idea~ To help young physicists understand that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction you'll need these items: flexible straw, ruler, straight pin, marker, round balloon, masking tape, and pencil with eraser. Great way to teach air pressure and thrust!