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Forced Labor Definition

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13 Facts on the History of Marriage

"What marriage had in common was that it really was not about the relationship between the man and the woman," ... "It was a way of getting in-laws, of making alliances and expanding the family labor force."

Barge Haulers on the Volga, by Ilya Repin. Completed in 1873, the painting was immediately banned for its stark depiction of the wealth-gap between Russia's peasants (which made up 90% of the population) and the Russian nobility.


lovaskocsikázás - Forcing horses to pull carriages is not romantic—it's CRUEL. Horses suffer respiratory conditions from exhaust fumes, debilitating leg problems, & many have DIED: SHARE this to spread the word!


Torn Thread, the very first Holocaust book I've read I was in 8th grade and remember it being a wonderful read. Ive read it five other times amazing story!!!


Since everything seems to be about what color a person's skin is these days, take a real good look at the tone of this man's skin and then tell me again how racist I am.


By basic definition, human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitati


Casulon Plantation - Good Hope, Georgia. This house stood for over a century and was used for tours & historic reenactments of the Civil War until 2002. An arson fire ravaged the house that year, believed to be set by people who wanted the house gone so they could have mineral rights to the quarry that stands behind the house. These ruins are all that are left of a once-great landmark.