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Prayers for the new year written in pencil on cement bags by Naftali Stern on the eve of the Jewish year 5705 – 1944 in the forced labor camp Wolfsberg in Germany.


Eisenach, 15 November 1940. Polish forced laborer Eduard P. with poster “I am a race defiler”. Source: Stadtarchiv Eisenach


November, 1944: 397th Infantry advances through the High Vosges. Elements of C/397th Infantry road march through a cleared German obstacle in the High Vosges, mid-November 1944. The German Winter Line consisted of two main belts of fortifications, built by forced labor a few months previously. The 100th's attack into the High Vosges east of Baccarat quickly penetrated the first line, held by the recently-arrived 708th Volks-Grenadier Division; the rapid pursuit by the 100th an


Child labor, cranberry bog, Burlington County, New Jersey -- Oct 1938 -- Part of: Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress)


Soviet women rounded up for forced labor arrive at the Wilhelmshagen Durchgangslager (transit camp) in Berlin. From here they were sent to industrial sites all over Berlin to toil in factories. Wilhelmshagen saw the importation of over 500,000 foreign forced laborers from all over occupied Europe. About 12 million forced laborers were employed in the war economy inside Germany during the war. Between two-thirds and three-quarters of the three to five million Ostarbeiters (Eastern workers)…