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Forest Or Forrest

* * CAT SNIP: Norwegian Forest Cat - What could be more magnificent than a large emerald eyed cat with a long flowing mane and tail that can fan out to 12 inches or more? It's not surprising that the Norwegian Forest Cat, which emerged from the forests 4,000 years ago, accompanied the Vikings around the world, protecting their grain stores on land and sea, and leaving their feline progeny in North America.

11 INTERESTING!!! Please read this when you feel like you're in the midst of the fog of life... not seeing clearly...The fire of God burns up the fogs of confusion, indecision and idolatry. The fire reveals God’s vision for your future.The cloud or presence of God carries a fire especially visible in the night.


Authentic Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwald Kirsch Kuchen)

Black Forest Cherry Cake, or Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, is a classic! The trick is to find a recipe that's authentic, because it's not a sticky-sweet dessert. Try this recipe out--it's as close as you can get without a trip to your German bakery! Just remember to start a day ahead to soak the cherries overnight!


A great idea to decorate your cake. Draw your trees (or any design) on parchment or foil, place in fridge to harden, dab some extra chocolate on back to stick to cake. So simple so pretty


15 Fabulous Books about Forest Animals

Gorgeous books about forest animals -- perfect for a forest or woodland unit!


I like this intricate design. I think this would work well if you had a forrest / harvest style theme? Forest Gin


Which Baltic God/Goddess Are You?

.Leshy or Lesovik is a spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild animals and forests.. He is roughly analogous to the Woodwose of Western Europe and the Basajaun of the Basque Country. Leshy is the protector of all animals and birds in the forest. Mass migration of animals supposedly happens at leshy's instruction.