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Wow, this is soooo powerful and very deep. Jesus died on The Cross so we could be free of sin and experience forgiveness.

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Mathew West has a song, 'Forgiveness', that talks about how important it is. It's something that is sorely needed in the world today. Forgiveness does more for the person forgiving than the person being forgiven.

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Bible verses for when you're feeling broken-hearted, alone, insecure, stressed, confused, in need of forgiveness, faith, or encouragement, etc. He will comfort you when you are in need.

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Lover, Not Like ~ Are you sometimes confused by disagreements and conflict between Christians? Shouldn't Believers get along? It's true that applying Biblical principles to our relationships will improve them, but we are still imperfect people. [...]

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Before the cross, the bible says "forgive so that you will be forgiven"...after the cross it's "forgive AS your Heavenly Father has forgiven you" We are now free to forgive, not as a threat, it's all about Love!

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It's not a polite request of us . . . it's a command. I don't want to hold anything against anyone because on my day, I want to hear Jesus say, "well done good and faithful servant." Dear Lord, help me be the woman you created me to be. Amen.

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14 Bible Verses on Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be difficult. In our day-to-day people will do or say things that offend us, rather than hold a grudge – the Bible teaches us to forgive them. Having an unforgiving heart leads to bitterness, and a heart that is bitter can not love as it ought to love. Here are 14 Bible Verses on Forgiveness to encourage your heart.

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