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Grandma fights to get brain-injured formula-fed baby some banked breastmilk to help her heal. (Article also discusses medical reasons why powdered formula, even specialty ones, can be harmful for injured/sick babies.)

from BabyCenter

What are normal bowel movements for formula-fed babies?

See what lactation expert Susan Condon has to say about when to change those poopy, dirty diapers.


Looking for a sample baby schedule for feeding and sleeping? Here's a helpful video guide on how to develop a schedule for your formula-fed baby when she’s between one and four months old.


DO NO HARM. Formula donations in resource poor environments, crisis and emergencies are DANGEROUS. In this crisis, Formula Fed babies are 1300% more likely to die as compared to breastfed babies. Give Support. Not Formula

from The Minimal Mom

An Easy & natural way to prevent constipation in formula fed infants

A simple natural and effective solution for preventing constipation in formula fed babies (since doing this 2 months ago, we have had NO constipation in our baby!)