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I actually spent six weeks at Fort Knox, Kentucky, one summer participating in ROTC Basic Camp while in college. I decided one officer in the family was enough but I had some great experiences!


The United States Bullion Depository, often known as Fort Knox, is a fortified vault building located adjacent to Fort Knox, Kentucky, used to store a large portion of United States official gold reserves and occasionally other precious items belonging or entrusted to the federal government. The United States Bullion Depository holds 4,578 metric tons (5,046.3 short tons) of gold bullion (147.2 million oz. troy). This is roughly 3 percent of all the gold ever refined throughout human…

from The Tonka Report

Fort Knox Conundrum: China Claims Fake Gold Bars Are From US!

February 2, 2010: Pat Shannan / American Free Press – February 2, 2010 Could over 1 million bars of gold, much of which is still held in Fort Knox, Ky., be counterfeit? An October 2009 discov…


Tioga Falls located in West Point, KY, about 8 miles north of Fort Knox. Tioga Falls is an interesting and scenic waterfall located 30 miles south of Louisville, Kentucky. The hike to the falls is scenic and passes by some impressive railroad trestles. The falls is best seen in the spring or after a good rain.--GLWB


Penobscot narrows bridge and Observatory- see those windows at the top of the first spire? That's the observatory! Bucksport, Maine- this is right next to Fort Knox