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12% of Global Fortune 500 companies are using Kentico CMS! Who are they? In which industries do they work and where? Check out or new infographics about the adoption of Kentico CMS/EMS by the world’s biggest enterprises.


Ursula Burns - The President and CEO of Xerox has an inspiring rags-to-riches story. She grew up in the housing projects of New York City in a single mother household. She started at Xerox as a college intern and has worked her way all the way to the top. She is the first African-American woman to lead a Fortune 500 company.

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Coca-Cola is the First Fortune 500 Company to Replenish All the Water It Uses Globally

The Coca-Cola Company and its global bottling partners (the Coca-Cola system) today announced they have met their goal to replenish, or in other words

It may be in the entertainment domain but Wargaming’s data analytics operations are as humongous as that of any Fortune 500 company.

UK spy agency GCHQ paid NZ firm Endace to power Internet fiber-optic taps The 2013 Snowden documents revealedUK intelligence agency GCHQ to be tapping into the undersea cables that carry Internet trafficcovertlygathering vast amounts of digital comms data under asurveillance program code-named Tempora apparently with the help of commercial partners. Now leaked documents obtained by The Interceptconfirm GCHQ paid New Zealand-based Endace tocreate data capture systems toenable it totap high…

More than 365 businesses and investors, from more than a dozen Fortune 500 firms to small, family-owned businesses across more than 35 states, sent a strong message today to President Barack Obama, President-elect Donald Trump, and other elected U.S. and global leaders, reaffirming their support for the historic Paris Climate Agreement and the need to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy at home and around the world…


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