Fox News contributors continue to tear into each other: “Clinton could wear a Confederate flag pantsuit with a Nazi button and you’d support her” over Trump

Fox News Contributors Sign Letter Urging Immigration Reform Defeat

After Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Announcement, Fox News Contributors Begin Insulting Him on Twitter

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Fox News Contributors Say Marriage Equality Would Criminalize Christianity - what a giant load of manure!

Surprise! FOX News Contributors Bash Trump After He Boycotts FOX News for Bashing Him (VIDEO) Jim Hoft Sep 23rd, 2015

RT @voter1vote: How do we fix this!?! Everyone needs to WAKE-UP! #wiunion #uniteblue @cspanwj

Fox News contributors suspended for using profanity while discussing Obama - | #LiberalMedia, #Obama, #Terrorism | American Liberty PAC

Potty-mouth day at Fox News! TWO contributors suspended in one day for saying THIS about Obama Too bad you have to get suspended for saying the truth!

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