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Foxes canines

PDF Sewing Pattern Fox Canine Plushie

Instant Download Fox Canine Plushie Pattern by dolphinwing on Etsy Very tempted to buy this pattern... so many ideas on how to adapt.

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35 Lovely Fox Pictures

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Mark wants us to get foxes once we settle into our life together. I'd be the one to take care of them while he's deployed! ha.

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Foxes are known to have both canine and feline characteristics. Even though they are considered to be a member of the dog family, they have feline characteristics such as vertically slit eyes and retractable claws. They are excellent tree climbers and also play with their prey before killing it, just like a cat.

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The 15 Most Fluffy And Cute Animals In The World

White Fox Curled in a Ball, if not for the eyes, you could not see the fox.

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