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Lania by Anne Fugat - Beautiful! {looks like a "nautilus" seashell-the one which grows in a spiral, which has the "Golden Ratio" observable in many places and things in nature. (hint: read up on Pythagorean theorem, chaos theory, repeating digits, etc. Yes, I do mean MATH-lol) I love this as a piece of jewelry or as a possible painting!}


Spanish Dancer (Hexabranchus Sanguineus) -The largest of the nudibranchs is the Spanish dancer—so called because when it swims, the undulating movements of its flattened body are reminiscent of a flamenco dancer. Adults are brightly but variably colored, generally in shades of red, pink, or orange, sometimes mixed with white or yellow.


Nosigner | arborism - The design of the unique arms has been configured by the fractal algorithm called “Tree Curve.” So the design is as same as the branch structure of a real tree. It means the design was completed by the natural logic of nature itself.


nanoflowers seeded from nano-sized particles of metals that grow, or self assemble, in a natural process. Eye surgeons would implant these fractal devices within the eyes of blind patients, providing interface circuitry that would collect light captured by the retina and guide it with almost 100 percent efficiency to neurons for relay to the optic nerve to process vision.