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Maths Help: Equivalent Fractions. Fractions the same as each other, Numerator, Denominator, half ,quarter, third, tenth

Fraction Wall! Great visual! I wonder if I can incorporate decimals and percentages for my 4th grade...


Fraction Card Games

Classroom Freebies: Fraction Card Games


Inferring Character Traits Through Dialogue (Plus a Free Graphic Organizer!) (Young Teacher Love)

Fraction Anchor Chart Freebie and Hands-on Fractions Work on this with the class as we move through fraction to go on the wall at the end.

Fraction wall Poster

This fraction wall poster will be useful to the students to display as on bulletin board ideas in a classroom..Hope willl love it..


Number Sense Place Value Ordering Numbers Making Change Mental Math Rounding and Estimating Addition Subtration Problem Solving Multiplication Division Fractions Identification Parts of a Whole...


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Teaching with Fraction Strips

Kids should make these to more fully understand fractions - especially good for visual learners.

Concrete Learning for Equivalent Fractions

Take the mystery out of equivalent fractions through hands-on tasks, such as this one. Download free fraction tiles!


fraction book - to help them visualize fractions


Fraction Wall With a Difference! Folding strips to explain equivalent fractions.