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Not bad for one week, if I do say so myself! Today we'll frame out the three upper windows in the center and finish detailing the exterior sealant. #t42buildblitz #tinyhouse #tinyhousebuild #sipstinyhouse #liquidappliedwaterproofing


Geocel Trade Mate Glazing & Frame Clear Sealant 310 ml, Pack of 1

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6x9 Decorative Clipboard//Cherries//Red//Diamond Pattern//Memo Size//Unique Gift Idea//Cute Clipboard//Fun to Use//Upcycled//Embellished

Small clipboard, approximately 6x9. Covered on both sides with scrapbook paper and card stock. Cherries and fruit themed, red and white diamond shapes on back. Clipboard is then given two coats Mod Podge on each side, then sealed with spray sealant, making a smooth surface. Decorative ribbon is added to clip Small clipboards are great for the smaller legal pads--I use mine for to do lists! You could also use it as a frame by clipping on a photo (this kind of clip will not make a mark on…

9x12 decorative wood clipboard, covered on both sides with scrapbook paper, stickers, and on front a pretty flower to match and 3 acrylic jewels to match paper. Given two to three coats of Mod Podge on each side, then clipboard is sealed with spray sealant for a smooth finish. This item is both useful and pretty, making it fun to use! Use it as a (portable) hard surface to write or draw on, hang on wall or pegboard, and use as a frame (put a photo under the clip, or attach more than one…

Large padded pin board. Old picture frame painted with chalky matt emulsion and then sealed with satin craft sealant. Cork pin board tiles onto frame backing, wadding and then a piece of left over brocade fabric and some matching gold ribbon from Christmas wrapping.

Upcycled, wood frame painted a Dijon yellow and finished with a matte sealant -holds a 5x7 photo, overall size is 8.25x10.25 -new hardware for easy use and foamcore added - vertical and horizontal hangers attached -no easel, wall hang only -glass is included -keep in mind this frame is from a thrift store and will have a few minor flaws in the finish, but they are kept at a minimum Thanks for looking

First off, let me just say that this frame is FABULOUS! This is an upcycled, wood photo frame that I painted a cranberry red and finished with a matte sealant. The frame holds a 4x6 photo and has an awesome outside size of 10.5x12.5. Super chunky! There is no easel with this frame so it can only hang on a wall. But I added all new backing and hardware to make switching out photos easy. There are also 2 sawtooth hangers so you have your choice in hanging direction. No glass is pictured but it…

During winter, it’s sometimes the case that windows and doors will separate slightly from their frames. Check the frames and if there are gaps, consider filling them with sealant. Clear silicone sealant is ideal for dealing with stained wood frames. Remember; your number one priority is to keep the hot air out of your home as much as possible.