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Messerschmitt Me-410 ground attack aircraft of the Luftwaffe fly in formation toward Allied targets over France. Late in the war, due to crippling losses, German pilots were often ill-trained for aerial combat, with relatively few hours of flying time.


VIDEO: Muslim migrants set fire to over 25 cars in affluent Paris neighborhood-It's daily news in France. They burn cars to attract police/firefighters, then they attack them with stones and molotov cocktails.


Queen Marie Stuart of Scotland and France - Lustrous gold pendant with SCOTS ROYAL RED LION with FRENCH Fleur d'Lis ROYAL CROWN inscribed: "Nemo Me Impu Ne Lacesset" It is the motto of Order of the Thistle with translation: "No one attacks me with Impunity" A reference to the natural barbs of the Thistle, a member of the Rose family which incidently is also non-poisonous food. The Artichoke being the most notable thistle food.


Belém aka Drik Achagas in Vitry-sur-Seine, France, 2016

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After the terrorist attack in Paris... Thank you guys for you support

I cant believe the fact that such people and organization can commit such mass murders and be ok and proceed like it's a normal habit, may god be with paris!