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Operation Overlord began on 6 June 1944. It involved 160 000 Allied troops at the Battle of Normandy and the D-Day Landings, and by August there were over 3 000 000 Allied troops in France.

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This is an illustration of the major battles of WWI. Shown on this image are the Battle of Tannenberg, Battle of Marne, Battle of Ypres (1st), (3rd) Battle of Ypres, Battle of Gallipoli, Battle of Verdun, Battle of the Somme, and the Battle of Caporetto.

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Discover Benedict drinking hot chocolate in Paris, France; Mitko chasing the school bus in Sofia, Bulgaria; and Khanh having a little nap in Hanoi, Vietnam! Clotilde Perrin takes readers eastward from the Greenwich meridian, from day to night, with each page portraying one of (the original) 24 time zones. Strong back matter empowers readers to learn about the history of timekeeping and time zones, and to explore where each of the characters lives on the world map. A distinctive educational…

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Maps of Western Europe: Americans are possibly the most geographically ignorant people in the world. Part of my studies were in grad school Geography and I love maps so I make a point of providing maps so you know what is where. If you go back far enough in your tree, you could be surprised at how many different countries there are on your tree. Most Americans are, as a cousin says, "All-American mutts". So it's fun to discover where your ancestors were.

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Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Hawaii, NY, California, Fiji, Japan, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France...! Just bought this from Etsy. Cute idea. ....For More Inspiration: Instagram & Twitter: the_lane Mailing List: Facebook

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Map of the World Tights - Map Tights as seen on Pinterest! from Artisan Socks

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u don't need to start feverishly online shopping just to get ready for this trip. Chances are, you've got most of what you need in your clos...

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