"[Police] physically carried her away as she shouted, "Have you ever had a broken heart?" - Frances Farmer

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Frances Farmer in jail 1943. Her rejection of Hollywood would be her eventual demise. Not one Hollywood "friend" would help Frances during her times of trouble. She stood on her own and lost her independance, freedom, and reputation. The breaking point was her steel will to fight, defy, and challenge authority. She never backed down. Ever... I admire her deeply and repect her for it. MH

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Frances Farmer's "Will There Really Be a Morning?" a "Harrowing account of '30's film star Frances Farmer's life while in a State Mental Institution in 1945 and her struggle to adjust afterwards. This book was published about a year after her death of cancer in 1970."

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Frances Farmer was a heavy drinker, she was prone to mood swings and erratic behavior. She was in and out of mental hospitals and eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia. During her stints in the hospital she was given electric shock therapy and even rumored to have been given a lobotomy. She was later proclaimed to be cured but soon after was put in the hospital for another five years. While she would return to Hollywood multiple times, it never lasted due to her extreme mood swings.

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Frances Farmer, actress - She spent many years in mental institutions and a movie, Frances, was made of her life starring Jessica Lange.

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