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Lobster tagliatelle

Big on both flavour and luxury, lobster spaghetti is a favourite in many southern Italian coastal towns. Bring some sunshine into your kitchen by whipping up Francesco Mazzei's lobster spaghetti recipe - a gorgeous take on a classic.

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Paccheri with lamb ragù

What could be more comforting than this Welsh Lamb ragù recipe? With some quality ingredients, such as smoked ricotta, and cheffy techniques, Francesco Mazzei elevates a dish of humble origins to a thing of gourmet beauty.

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Stuffed calamari

This delicious stuffed calamari recipe is a southern Italian classic and a favourite of the chef Francesco Mazzei.

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Eggs in purgatory (Uova al purgatorio)

Eggs in purgatory is a popular Italian breakfast or brunch recipe of baked eggs in a fiery tomato sauce. Francesco Mazzei spices up his version with 'nduja sausage and serves with quail eggs and toasted sourdough.

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Linguine with prawns, lemon and parsley

Francesco Mazzei serves up a delicious linguine recipe with prawns, lemon and parsley, making one of his favourite southern Italian dishes.

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Spicy aubergine polpette

Francesco Mazzei knows how to get a dinner party started – crispy aubergine morsels paired with a firey jam – you'll be hooked from the first bite

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Rabbit cacciatore

A twist on a classic cacciatore, this hunter-style stew recipe from Francesco Mazzei uses rabbit for a hearty game dish. Cooked with pancetta, wild mushrooms and served with olives and capers.