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Lobster tagliatelle

Big on both flavour and luxury, lobster spaghetti is a favourite in many southern Italian coastal towns. Bring some sunshine into your kitchen by whipping up Francesco Mazzei's lobster spaghetti recipe - a gorgeous take on a classic.


Stuffed calamari

This delicious stuffed calamari recipe is a southern Italian classic and a favourite of the chef Francesco Mazzei.


This September two-Michelin-starred Chef Norbert Niederkofler at St Hubertus restaurant at Rosa Alpina will be recreating his local delicacies in London @L'ANIMA alongside Francesco Mazzei's signature Southern Italian dishes from Calabria

L’intervista allo Chef Francesco Mazzei proprietario del Ristorante L’Anima a Londra.


Linguine with prawns, lemon and parsley

Francesco Mazzei serves up a delicious linguine recipe with prawns, lemon and parsley, making one of his favourite southern Italian dishes.


Francesco Mazzei: "My Cooking Style? It's 'Nduja Proudness"

London Daily Photo: Nancy Dell'olio and Francesco Mazzei at Welcome Italia