A story that follows a New York woman (who doesn't really have an apartment), apprentices for a dance company (though she's not really a dancer), and throws herself headlong into her dreams, even as their possibility dwindles.

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UPDATE: Putin claims that Russia has halted arms shipment to Syria. In fact, when hostilities began both Putin and Obama should have immediately imposed and enforced an embargo. For various geo-political motives (more for Putin, as Obama's foreign policy is not to have one) this was not done - invariably allowing Jihadi sects to penetrate into Syria. Putin has cleverly won the moral high ground just prior to the G20; making Obama out to be a complete political neophyte and fool.

Santorum says Pope Francis has ‘more pressing problems’ than climate change | Fox News

Pope Francis calls upon the Church to evangelize with a moral compass instead of a moral hammer, and to do so in the language of angels, a love that speaks of mercy.

Pope Francis takes on allegations and rumors about his papacy: 9 things to know and share |Blogs | NCRegister.com

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"Pope Francis Has Arrived In America" - YouTube uploaded September 22nd 2015 (6:25 video)

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Bill talks to best-selling author Thomas Cahill about why Pope Francis has conservatives up in arms.

Pope Francis has revealed that he accepts he may be assassinated - but has asked God to make sure it does not hurt too much

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Pope Francis Terrifies Republicans By Wanting To Address US Congress: Pope Francis has recently let it be known that he would like to address a joint session of the United States Congress when he visits the U.S. later this year. Christian pretenders in the Republican Party will be praying it doesn’t happen.

Pope Francis has become an outspoken advocate on environmental issues. giulio napolitano / Shutterstock.com

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