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You are looking at a beautiful picture of Franklin Pierce, head-and-shoulders portrait, three-quarters to the left. It was taken in 1851. The picture presents President of the United States, 1853-1857. We have created this collection of pictures primarily to serve as an easy to access educational tool. Contact Image ID# F8D4433C


Franklin Pierce - Franklin Pierce became President at a time of apparent tranquility. The United States, by virtue of the Compromise of 1850, seemed to have weathered its sectional storm. By pursuing the recommendations of southern advisers, Pierce--a New Englander--hoped to prevent still another outbreak of that storm. But his policies, far from preserving calm, hastened the disruption of the Union.


Franklin Pierce (aka "Handsome Frank") born on November 23, 1804, in Hillsboro, New Hampshire, Franklin Pierce was elected to the United States Senate in 1837, and became the the 14th U.S. President.


Abraham Lincoln Recommends a Franklin Pierce White House Appointee, the Mysterious Thomas Stackpole, to General Butler


The Presidency of Franklin Pierce by Larry Gara - Powell's Books ("Gara makes no attempt to revive Pierce's reputation. Instead he provides a clear analysis of Pierce's shortcomings and his few successes.")


Presidents of The United States of America

Franklin Pierce or "Young Hickory of the Granite Hills" was the fourteenth president of the United States. Franklin Pierce was born November 23, 1804 and the died October 8, 1869.


Veto Message of Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce, 14th President (1853-1857) known as the worst president of the united states. 1804-1869