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7 Kinds of twins - Thought you'd like this, @Kandace Calkins and @Krystal Stonehocker !

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Lucy and Maria Alymer, the two twins that look completely different - WTF fun facts

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Twin Problems: if your not identical twins, people have a hard time seeing that your really twins-i have a twin sister, but she looks nothing like me-i am taller than my twin sister, and older by two minutes, i have red hair, she has blonde hair-we also have completely different interests and personalities-not all twins act the same or look the same-Ashley ray

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To know what you don't know > 8fact! Except that the Olsen twins are fraternal and not identical.......

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Amazing Facts About Identical Twins

identical twins …

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Get The Facts About Identical Twins

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If twin boys had children with twin girls - WTF fun fact

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Explanation: Just because two people are twins (identical or not), does not mean that they are exactly alike. They may have different hobbies, characteristics, etc.

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10 Surprising Facts About Fraternal Twins

Fraternal twins form from two separate eggs.

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Twin Pregnancy :: Identical vs. Fraternal from @MKEmomsblog

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