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You won’t see this in the Monuments Men movie - Two finely wrought swords of Frederick the Great. (National Archives, 239-PA-4-127-1)


sir frederick black stallion friesian horse | Pferde oder Ponys – was denn nun? -

Cover Photo: Frederik the Great, Friesian Stallion photography Cally Matherly. Description from I searched for this on


Statue of Frederick the Great (King of Prussia, 1740-1786), on Unter den Linden, Berlin. The statue was originally commissioned by Frederick William IV, to commemorate Frederick's 100th birthday. The statue was taken down during the war, and is in jeopardy during the GDR of being melted down, and was only saved by a group of East German bureaucrats. After the GDR changed their minds about Frederick and decided that he was actually a communist, he was restored in 1985.


Frederick the Great (1712-1786) in his study. Illustration from House of Hohenzollern in Pictures and Words by Carl Rohling and Richard Sternfeld. Published by Martin Oldenbourg in Berlin, c 1900.


Frederick II - The year that Frederick ascended to the Prussian throne, he invaded Austria's province of Silesia. Which stirred up the alliances of the European powers and culminating in world war (Seven Years War), which included the Americas. Though he did not directly attach Russia, his actions with regard to Poland and his influence in the Baltic States caused the Russians to fear and dread him.Fredrick's policies and military actions laid the foundation for the future German Reich.