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Free Online Horror Games

Aya, Mad Father. Pewdiepie played this game. This game is amazing! Kinda gorey, though...hehe. You can download and play it free online.


Among the Sleep, Krillbite Studios first-person horror game played from the eyes of a two-year old, is getting a free public alpha tomorrow. #Gaming


What can I say? Wicked game. This is for you zombie-lovers who can't get enough of intense undead bloodshed. Not for the faint of heart, though, as it's probably one of the most realistic and heart-skipping zombie games out there!


Play A Halloween Horror Game - Free, Fun, Safe, Online Games for Everyone by WebPaws

Hey Guys! As you can see,I loooooooove LieEat*^* for the people they dont know what it is I explain: LieEat is a little RPG adventure Game, there is a little bit “horror” but its not to hard:^) Its a story about a young man (I think his name is...