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Journal prompts for BEGINNING and/or STRUGGLING writers! Simple "I Can…" check off list to remind students of the basics and an illustrated WORD BANK to help generate ideas and spell words!


Try before you buy! Included is "List 1" which is all the short a words from my word family lists. If you like this list and want more, please check out my full product at my store!- Assessing: highlight words students can decode- Homework (send home to practice)- Laminate and keep handy for independent student practice- Mini posters for your classroom- Spelling listsI recommend printing on cardstock and laminating for long-term use.Enjoy and please leave your feedback!

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Free Homeschool Curriculum: Online Spelling Course

THE BASIC COZY SPELLING COURSE- Here’s a complete 30 lesson spelling course especially designed for students grades 6 to with a complete course outline, lesson plans, dictation, answer key, and more. *******GREAT RESOURCE*****


Greetings friends! I created this 5 Star Writing page for my students as a self accountability piece. Each morning after completing our morning work, my students write a story on the back of their paper. We usually take one minute to vote on the topic (camping, fishing, storms, etc. ) and I write six vocabulary words on the board to help them with spelling.