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Freebie commutative

freebie - game to practice turn around addition facts up to 12! help students' understanding of the commutative property of addition.

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This+download+includes+the+following+property+posters: Commutative+Property+of+Addition Associative+Property+of+Addition Identity+Property+of+Addition Commutative+Property+of+Multiplication Associative+Property+of+Multiplication Identity+Property+of+Multiplication Distributive+Property Zero+Property+of+Multiplication+

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Properties of Addition Game

Reusable at a center. I still think that it's less important that kids know the NAMES of the properties, though, than just understanding what they mean.

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Here's a fun Halloween-flavored freebie that helps kids "see" the Commutative Property of addition in action. Kids manipulate dominos to create flip flop facts. This game is perfect for introducing addition in any order to 1st graders. They are going to love the mummy theme too :)**If you like this activity, be sure to check out my October Math Stations + More Packet.

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