Freeze-dried ice cream has only actually been flown into space on one mission, because "it wasn't that popular."

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Astronaut Ice Cream. As a kid, I purchased this every chance I got. I am still rather tempted by the novelty of it (not the flavor).

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Astrorox Astronaut Ice Cream - Ready to Eat Freeze Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream Drops

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The Evolution of Space Food Packaging: Beyond Freeze-Dried Ice Cream -

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Even though it was only served on the Apollo missions, we just can't get enough of Astronaut Ice Cream. It's a 15-pack of Neapolitan freeze dried ice cream that is frozen to -40 degrees and vacuum dried in a foil...

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This site has all you need to know about using dry ice. (I'm putting it in my halloween punch.)

Artisanal Freeze-Dried Ice Creams - Gastronaut Ice Cream Is Crafted With the Spirit of Adventure (GALLERY)

Astronaut Ice Cream Balls takes everything you love about astronaut ice cream (the freeze dried-ness) and combine it with that theme park favorite dotted ice cream treat (the mini ball-ness).

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