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French Fries Origin

from Serious Eats

Perfect Thin and Crispy French Fries

I used to think McDonalds fries were vegetarian - but I found out that they use beef flavor in their fries. McDonalds has been out every since. Here's a Vegan McDonald’s French Fry recipe, from 18 Vegetarian Versions Of Your Favorite Fast Foods


Today I found out about the history of French fries. Exactly who introduced these golden strips of goodness to the world isn’t entirely known.  Among the various theories, it’s generally accepted that the French fry was invented by either the Belgians or the French. Potatoes were first introduced to Europe not through the French or Belgians, but through the Spanish.  [...]

from Mail Online

How to make McDonald's-style French Fries at home

How to make 'healthy' McDonald's French Fries at home using just FIVE ingredients (and they are 'better than the original')

from The Daily Meal

America's 15 Best French Fries Slideshow

It's almost a Delaware tradition to eat scrapple and not think it - which is one decision you need to make in Delaware. Read more "good calls" to make here.

from Cheeseslave

Beef Tallow French Fries

French fries have been around since the Middle Ages. They are said to have originated in Belgium in the 1600s. Known as pommes frites in France and chips in Great Britain, French fries are immensely popular all over Europe, as well as in America. Did you know French fries can actually be good for you? If cooked in the right kind of fat, French fries are nourishing, healthy and full of vitamins. Who knew that eating French fries could help us prevent cavities and osteoporosis? Now you can…

from Travel + Leisure

The Original Hot Dog Shop, Pittsburgh, PA

Rated Best French Fries in the U.S.: The Original Hot Dog Shop. Lovingly called "The Dirty O," The Original Hot Dog Shop serves up PERFECT french fries 24/7, also known as "O fries." OMG! Cheese sauce optional.