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Choice Potato Wedge Cutter - 8 Wedge French Fry Cutter


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Love making homemade fries with this tool! Worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! My kids now refuse to eat bagged fries. Bonus - I know what the fries are REALLY made of.


Sportsman FFCUT Home Style French Fry Cutter by Sportsman. $14.99. Overall size: 10-inch. L x 4-inch W x 5-inch H. Easily cut small potatoes into 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch strips. Secures to table or counter top with an adjustable suction cup. Includes 2 cutting attachments, 1 for thick and 1 for thin cut fries, Cut fruit and vegetable too. Cut homemade French fries for the entire family in minutes. Cut homemade French fries for the entire family in minutes with the Sportsman Se...

Kitchener Deluxe French Fry Cutter

No more drive-thrus for fries! Don't spend money on fast-food fries when you can make them at home. Deluxe french fry cutter has aluminum base with 2 blade grids for cutting either or size fries. Base can be mounted for extra stability.


Choice 3/8" French Fry Cutter / Potato Cutter

Kitchen Cravings

Wall-mounted cast iron French fry cutter. In-n-Out move over. There’s a new chef in town. Smash it.


Vollrath 47713 3/8" French Fry Cutter

3/8 inch French Fry Cutter / Potato Cutter for people who can't be trusted with a knife....haha!