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Front of the French Government Tourist Office in London, 1962. Designers Charlotte Perriand (nice person) and Ernő Goldfinger (not nice person, “Goldfinger was known as a humourless man given to notorious rages.” Ian Fleming named Bond villain after him)


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The French government created an algorithm that ranks the world's best restaurants — here are the top 23

The French government created an algorithm that ranks the world's best #restaurants #michelin #food #dining

Yahoo-Dailymotion Deal Is Kaput At The Hands Of The French Government

Yeah, the French government killed the $200 million Yahoo-Dailymotion deal out of pride

Workers resettle Joan of Arc on her pedestal in 1984. The statue was regilded in 1984 by two French government workers, Claude Ducroizet and Jean Maillard, brought to New Orleans specifically for this task. The French city of Orleans helped Mayor Dutch Morial’s administration pay for the work, and Orleans Mayor Jacques Douffiagues came to New Orleans to rededicate the statue on May 11, 1984, attending the opening of the Louisiana World Fair the following day. The statue was repaired and…

In Case You Missed It: 4/4/16 Is a Square Root Day, the French Government will Pave Its Roads with Solar Panels--and More! - Scientific American

French Government Issues Poster on How to Survive a Terror Attack

The poster, which is part of a larger awareness campaign, will be displayed in universities, museums, stores and public buildings.

The "Dragonnades" were a French government policy instituted by Louis XIV in 1681 to intimidate Huguenot families into either leaving France or re-converting to Catholicism. This involved the billeting of ill-disciplined dragoons in Protestant households with implied permission to abuse the inhabitants and destroy or steal their possessions. The soldiers employed in this role were satirized as "missionary dragoons"


WWI. "The French government presents a commemorative diploma to the families of French citizens killed in the war. This is a reproduction of the parchment issued in memory of the first Frenchman who fell in the Great War." The nations at war, published 1917.