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French Government

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from Business Insider

The French government wants the EU to stop trade talks with the US

France's trade chief says he wants to ask the European Union to end talks with the US on forging a sweeping trade deal.

Josephine Baker in Paris, 1940. This picture was taken around the time she joined the French Counterespionage Services and became a counterespionage agent. She was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Medal of Resistance with Rosette by the French government for her efforts during World War II. Photo: Studio Harcourt, Ministry of Culture (France).


Top News: "FRANCE: Hauliers, Farmers, Unionists Holding Up Traffic In Calais" - - Some of the hauliers said that they would keep blocking the A16 until the French government commits to a date to break up the rest of the "Jungle". on Politicoscope -

The Guiana Space Center is used by the European Space Agency and the French government to launch satellites into space.

PARIS: French Government removes Ban on Burqini on Friday as Mayors of Different States as well as the organization of Human Rights take stands on this decision and presents an application in High Court of France.