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French Jews

from Religion News Service

Worried about their future, French Jews take a bet on Israel

(RNS) Last year, a record 3,270 French Jews made aliyah -- or immigration to Israel -- a 63 percent hike from 2012. The Tibi family plans to leave Paris this summer -- for good.


After Paris Attack, French Authorities Move to Protect Jews

Feeling insecure and isolated, some French Jews are asking themselves if they have a future in France.

Young French Jews Bolt for Israel; 127% increase since 2014


Wall of Names: The Wall of Names in the Shoah Memorial in Paris lists the 76,000 French Jews sent to the Nazi death camps from 1942 to 1944. (Photo Credit: Pascal Deloche/Godong/Corbis)


ISRAEL & THE REGION Netanyahu to French Jews: ‘Israel is your home’ PM says jihadists at war with West, encourages Jewish immigration; Liberman, Ya’alon and Lapid also urge Europe’s Jews to come

A Swiss border guard intercepts a border jumper coming from France. Although Switzerland did shelter several hundred thousand refugees during the war, their policy was not without controversy, most especially with the policy of refusing entry to most of the French Jews who attempted to flee into Switzerland following Fall Gleb, with the infamous explanation that “the lifeboat is full”. Many border guards began turning a blind eye however after some bad experiences.

from Washington Post

A month after kosher market attack, French Jews plan an exodus

Even in a French community known as a model of peaceful coexistence, many Jews see no future.