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And in the time of great crisis, when her tears were plentiful and her days were dark, he took her in his arms ad told her "everything is going to be okay." When she asked him how he knew it would, he kissed her and said, "because I love you."

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"I hate Paris in the springtime/I hate Paris in the fall/I hate Paris in the summer when it sizzles/I hate Paris in the winter when it drizzles/I hate Paris, oh why oh why do I hate Paris?/Because my love is there... with his slut girlfriend." My mom and I's all time fav movie FRENCH KISS! "All men are bastards!"

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Kate & Luc | French Kiss (1995) #megryan #kevinkline #couples

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"No number catches her quick grin, the high-beam flash of her eyes, the leap of her mind, the grace of her hand in flight in table talk, the elegance of her neck beneath her gathered hair, the sharp whip-crack of her anger, the calm jumble of her limbs when she is asleep on a summer night, her hair cascading, the buoy bell silvering in the night, a sea breeze sifting through the screen door." - Brian Doyle

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On my Birthday my Equinox Renaissance man took us to a fabulous bistro in Chicago for Duck a deux. Ordered Champagne & strawberries - laughed and enjoyed the movie. SLH

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MILESI Official Original Fantastic French Kiss One Pair Elephant Couple Keychain Valentine Gift

MILESI Official Original Fantastic French Kiss One Pair Elephant Couple Keychain Valentine Gift

Anna and the French Kiss omg im crying everyone of u reading this go read the book RIGHT NOW

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A friend who lives in Toulouse, France, explained that what Americans call, "French Kiss" is not French at all. This description is, in fact, a true "French Kiss." #FrenchKiss

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French Kiss Series By Abelardo Ojeda. One of five artistic point of view about the French kiss from international photographers. #SaintValentine #Books #Art #Photography #Street #Lovers #Couples

Black and White Couples Photography in Paris In his book French Kiss – A Love Letter to Paris, photographer Peter Turnley has gathered years and years of couples photography that he jumped through in bars, troquets and streets of Paris. These images are 40 years old, all in black and white, and translates the romance moments of the French city.

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