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In this VETgirl online veterinary continuing education (CE) blog, we review the use of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) in the treatment of pancreatitis in dogs.

We have the ability to maintain a large stock of blood products to have readily available to give to patients on a moment’s notice. Our blood donors are thoroughly screened, and we screen for more diseases than most other blood banks. We also have both positive and negative blood for dogs. Blood is also available to veterinary and specialty hospitals when fresh whole blood, packed red blood cells or fresh frozen plasma is needed on short notice.

Cryo contains: Fibrinogen, FXIII, vWF:FVIII. Prepared by thawing a unit of fresh frozen plasma at 1-6ºC and then recovering the cold-precipitated factor VIII protein by centrifugation. It then must be replaced in the freezer at -18C or colder to make the cryo. -18C for one year. Once thawed, must use within 4 hours if pooled or 6 hours if NOT pooled. Each unit is only 15 mL, and must have 80 units of factor VIII and at least 150 mg of fibrinogen in all tested units. Also contain small…