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Embracing Diversity Lessons FREE! Get these powerful lessons to help students understand that individual identity is shaped by many factors, including: individual characteristics; who the world says I am; empathy or lack of empathy for others; dominant and subordinate social groups; implicit bias; and the power and privilege, or lack of both, that go with these groups. FREE!

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Teacher’s powerful lesson on the effects of bullying – using two apples – strikes a chord

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The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

Work on speaking and listening skills with this comprehensive list of class discussion strategies--each one includes a link to a video to show you how it works! Includes Socratic Seminar, Philosophical Chairs, Hot Seat, Fishbowl, Backchannel Discussions, a total of 15 strategies!


Teaching Teenagers to Cope With Social Stress

High school students reported more confidence after completing an exercise intended to instill a basic message to help manage tension: People can change.

44 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College - Learned The Hard Way
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44 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College

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How to Think Like Shakespeare

How to think like Shakespeare. Twenty-first-century students would benefit from 16th-century habits of mind.