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Friends Season 3

Friends ~ Episode Photos ~ Season 3, Episode 13: The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends #amusementphile


TELEVISION PICTURE CHALLENGE #7: Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show(s) - (Friends) Season 3 Episode 16: The One the Morning After... It's the one where Ross and Rachel break up. I love them together, so that's depressing. But I think that the reason they broke up is SO DUMB. I understand why Rachel's upset, but she should have gotten over it more quickly than she did. THEY WERE ON A BREAK. I watch Friends to feel better and laugh...and this episode doesn't do that at all…


Did anyone ever notice that for the 2nd year of the show, the "Rachel" haircut was actually worn by all 3 female cast members, not just Jennifer Aniston?!?!