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3 Gambaran Keseluruhan Frog VLE (Pengguna: Guru) 3 Frog VLE Overview (User: Staff) Gambaran Keseluruhan Frog VLE TUGASAN: Memberi Gambaran Keseluruh.

frogcommunity documentation. Think about your engagement Presentation (pptx) from FrogOS Roadshows 2013 - Getting your team together, harsh truths and SLT involvement. (Frog VLE login required)


frogcommunity documentation. FrogOS Admin Guide SECONDARY. A Frog Administrator (Frog Admin) is a user who has access to certain parts of the platform that other users do not have, allowing them to add, change and delete certain elements. The main Frog Admin management functions are: Editing the School Dashboard, Creating the School Calendar, Creating Booking Calendars, Sharing Department Sites, Analytics (Frog VLE login required).


frogcommunity FROG TRUMPS. Idea cards submitted by teachers. (Frog VLE login required)

frogcommunity documentation. FrogOS Overview SECONDARY. Welcome to the world of Frog. Your FrogOS Learning Platform has been designed and developed specifically for schools utilising the best of modern technology. FrogOS provides a simple, fun and engaging platform to help enhance teaching and learning. This guide assumes you are accessing the platform as a teacher and may therefore include tools and features not available to other users. (Frog VLE login required)

Perak View - 三德华小FROG VLE(青蛙虚拟学习模式)教学表现冠全马。

Frog3 Community Knowledgebase. Frog has a lot of features to understand and master so the knowledgebase is here to help. Detailed descriptions about the pages, the Widgets and other options and features are all included here. Images are available and some are interactive. Some small but detailed images are clickable and will open a larger version. (Frog VLE login required)

frogcommunity frog support - Latest Installers: Froglive, SIMS extractor, etc. (Frog VLE login required)