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Endless Love: Oldest Fossil Of Mating Bugs Identified By Scientists... A 165 million-year-old moment of passion has been preserved for all to see with the help of one extremely rare fossil. Only 33 examples of copulating insects are known to have existed, and the majority of them have been captured in amber. Before the froghoppers fossil discovery, the oldest known fossil was one found in Lebanon that showed two tiny flies captured in 135-million-year-old amber.

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Terrible picture, amazing recipe. Theis is my new go-to glazed carrot recipe! FROGHOPPER's Candied Ginger Carrots

Cercopidae(froghoppers, spittlebugs) order Homoptera - nymphs produce a solution of frothed plant sap for protection(hence the name spittlebug) - adults jump, often have red and black, but can be brown

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