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Her dress its beautiful and the bouquet as well!!! love this movie.. xD From Prada to Nada..


"YOU CAN HATE THIS FOR WHAT YOU THINK IT IS, OR YOU CAN LOVE IT FOR WHAT YOU KNOW IT CAN BECOME." | Quote | Who Said It: Bruno (Wilmer Valderrama) | Movie: From Prada To Nada | Release Date: 28 January 2011 | Country: US | #quotes #frompradato nada #wilmervalderrama


From Prada To Nada. This was such a cool way to propose. He is like I need your signature right here so that we can start moving know, if you want to?


From Prada to Nada. I didn't think I will like this film until I watched it. From riches to rag story. Moving with a happy ending! Definitely at watch-again movie in my list!


From Prada to Nada (2011)

From Prada to Nada - A Latina spin on Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility," where two spoiled sisters who have been left penniless after their father's sudden death are forced to move in with their estranged aunt in East Los Angeles.