BRAIN INJURY RECOVERY EXERCISES: Range of Motion, Cognitive and Attention Exercises, Listening Exercises & Neurobics

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This article discusses the benefits of exercise and how it increases neurotrophic production. I love to learn ways to improve my memory and methods for reaching my maximum level of intelligence.

Any severe damage to the frame could have full-size ant lasting effects. However, worrying mind injuries deliver with them a fair greater profound set of challenges. This is proper due to the fact …

How studying damage to prefrontal lobe has helped unlock the brain's mysteries. “frontal lobes of the brain were erroneously thought of as nonessential for normal function. Now … groundbreaking studies of patients with brain damage … reveal how distinct areas of the frontal lobes are critical for a person's ability to learn, multitask, control emotions, socialize, and make decisions. The findings have helped experts rehabilitate patients experiencing damage to this brain region."

Interesting brain fact..The Brain has a joke center. Sometimes, patients with damaged frontal lobes are unable to 'get' jokes. Stay Strong! ‪#‎teachmems‬ ‪#‎curems‬

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