Freeze your own cookie dough. Roll it up, wrap it in parchment paper, and stick it in a paper towel roll to keep it round. Works pretty well... just be careful not to let the parchment paper get twisted into the dough at all

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How to freeze cookie dough. I'm talking freeze it in individual cookie-sized portions so you can grab a couple from the freezer and get a quick snack for the kids after school. Love the idea!

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How to Freeze Cookie Dough. A friend told me about this trick years ago. She would freeze cookie dough and then make a few each day when her kids came home from school. I do it now that we are empty nesters. Can make a few at a time or have some freshly baked for visitors.

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Easy to make Chocolate Chip COOKIE DOUGH Frozen Yogurt Recipe! We have a new and delicious dessert recipe. You are going to love this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt recipe. You don’t have to have fancy ingredients, just the desire to make a del

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Your complete guide on how to freeze cookie dough. Our best cookie recipes to freeze, plus tips and techniques for quick, easy, cookie baking.

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How To Freeze Cookies and Cookie Dough -- if you've ever wondered if you can freeze your favorite cookies or cookie dough, you're in luck! Frozen cookie dough also makes a fabulous and simple gift idea. Click for all the details.

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