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"The only fixer-upper fixer that can fix a fixer-upper is... true, true, true, true, true love!"

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Look at his eyes, they are smiling too, so he would've smiled whether or not they made him, he was smiling at Anna

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Merry Christmas! :) Frozen Trolls

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Grand Pabbie the rock troll appears on FROZEN.

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Frozen trolls More

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DIY rock trolls from Frozen. Great to hide in the garden for parties! Stick some rosemary for hair and brown ears on the back with tape.

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Downloads | Frozen | Disney Movies

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Trolls frozen disney2013.jpg

Frozen Trolls

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Did anyone else notice that he says the exact same thing ("She's as cold as ice" or at least something extremely simmilar) when talking to the trolls. They sound exactly alike. I assume this demonstrates how he went from tolerating her, to liking her, to loving her in a protective kind of way, to just plain loving her.

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So do we need to worry about Trolls in season 4 cause they didn't seem very nice with Snow and Charming.

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